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Katie Coffin
Programs Assistant at Indiana Chamber of Commerce

We released the findings of our annual Ready Indiana Employer Survey earlier this month. Employers told us what’s wrong with the system: many of them are leaving jobs unfilled due to lack of skilled applicants and many have a hard time finding applicants with sufficient soft skills. But we also found that they’re willing to play a role in making it right; we just have to take them up on it. 

Many of the 532 Indiana employers we surveyed are not currently involved with their local high schools or community colleges (202). However, we asked if respondents thought businesses should be more involved in reviewing high school diploma and college degree requirements – 67% said “yes.” We also asked if respondents thought employers should be more involved in the design of career and technical education programs – a resounding 90% said “yes.” 

The goal of education is to prepare students for the future. Our schools should be ensuring that every student is college and career ready once they receive their diploma. Employers are willing to help us determine what that looks like. Employers are eager to help mold the next working generation. The Indiana Chamber and Ready Indiana are committed to helping build those bridges. 

View the survey results here >> 

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IndianaSkills.comaims to bridge the gap between the types of training and credentials people are pursuing in Indiana and the skills being requested by our state’s employers. The site provides information on employer demand for specific jobs, skills and certifications compared to the supply of graduates completing short-term training (two years or less beyond high school) related to these jobs, skills and certifications.

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